How to effectively implement a content marketing strategy for a real estate business in 2020

Before diving deep into the title of the topic i.e how to implement a content marketing strategy for a real estate business lets understand a little bit about what is a real estate business. The real estate business is the business that is involved in the process of selling or purchase of land and buildings, homes and apartments.

content marketing strategy of a real estate

There are basically 4 types of real estate business. Let’s have a quick look into it!

1.Land real estate

It refers to the property which is not developed or we can say it as vacant land.

2. Residential real estate

It is the most common type of real estate business. It generally consists of housing or apartments for bachelors or individuals, family or married people, or any group of people.

3. Commercial real estate

As the name suggests, commercial real estate refers to land or buildings that are used by business owners to carry out their business. For example, a retail store, medical shops or shopping malls, etc.

4. Industrial real estate

This real estate business is used by industrial business entities to carry out their business. Examples include R & D centers, Construction or manufacturing industries, etc.

Okay, now that’s enough knowledge on real estate. Let’s take an example of real estate business as a business type to understand their content marketing strategy.

Content marketing example of a real estate business

Suppose if someone is working in any particular city let’s say in Bangalore and suddenly your job gets changed or shifted to another city then he must switch to that city. So now in order for him to stay in that city he needs a room or a house or an apartment. So what he will do now? He might contact any broker or an agent and seeks help from them that he is new to this city and is in need of a room, or an apartment.

So now you need to understand that these brokers or agents are in the real estate business. You as a customer will seek their help. Here is where your journey begins (as awareness) as a customer and let’s see how content will convert you into a loyal customer!

There is something known as content funnel or buyer journey’s funnel and let’s also understand what content must be shown in which phase for that potential customer.

Content marketing funnel or buyer’s journey

It is a 3 stage process starting from awareness to consideration and ending in decision making.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision
Content marketing strategy of a real estate business
Content Marketing Funnel

Now first thing what you will do as a customer? One will go to google and search for rental businesses where you will get a huge list of websites. Now let’s say you visit into any of those websites or maybe you got fascinated by looking at their title and descriptions and tempted you to visit that website. Let’s say you visit

Real estate marketing strategy

Now here is where the actual content story begins! You will check out their website like what are the services they provide, how is the quality of their service and what is the amount they are charging for the rental service etc.

But in that website, you will also come across an email newsletter form which says subscribe to this newsletter to get the best offers and to get excellent tips on buying rental house and apartment. Now as you are interested in this and want to know more about this you might subscribe to their newsletter.

Phase 1

Okay, let’s have a look into the 1st phase. After you have subscribed to the Email newsletter of the you get content from them via mail which by opening will redirect you to a blog.

For example let’s take the content topic as

Topic: How to decide a great real estate rent providing firm or a company

Content marketing strategy of a real estate business

Now you will read this blog post sent by the company in a deep and detailed manner and you will come to know that when you are switching from one city to another how you can find the best rental service company.

This blog content which you received from a mail will be a text-based content. Now after reading this post you might have got some ideas or the marketer has provided some value for you. So this phase comes under the awareness stage!

Now you came to know that this company provides such kind of service so you decide to visit their website again. You will start analyzing the company further deep by looking at their plans and services etc. But here also you don’t take any action and leave the website.

Now the point here to note is that the customer will not visit any other website because other websites haven’t made any engagement with that customer so that the customer will come back to their website. But the has engaged you with their content so that the customer returns back.

Phase 2

Now as you leave the website you will get another content that will come to you again through mail itself. But this time it will not be a text-based content but instead it will be a video-based content. Now let’s take the content topic here as:

Topic: Testimonials of happy and satisfied customer base

Content marketing strategy of a real estate business

Here the XYZrentals company will show you the video recordings of their customers who had availed their service, how the company had helped them in getting the house, how was their service charge, how well the company handled in settling to the new city, etc.

Now one thing you need to understand here is that content type and content goal of each phase will be totally different. The goal of the first phase was to try and get the potential customer back to your website. In the second phase, the company is trying to build trust with the potential customer and tempts them to buy the company’s services.

Now here you as a customer may trust their services and buy their service in this phase itself because you were satisfied by the 2 contents that the company provided you! So you might book your requirements, pay the amount and avail their services.

Phase 3

Now everything is booked and the payment is made and then you will get another content in the form of text which is also sent via mail itself. So here we enter into the phase 3. For example, let’s consider the content topic as

Topic: What to do before leaving the current city

Content marketing strategy of a real estate business

You just cannot imagine how important this mail can be. This content will talk about what steps you must take before you leave your current city. There can be things such as clearing electricity bills, water bills, etc. which must be paid before you leave a city.

The blog article will provide you with a list of checklist in a content which are mandatory things to do while you leave your current city. Now this content will definitely provide a high value for a customer.

Now you might be thinking this might be the end of the company’s relationship with the customer. But that’s not the case. A good and excellent customer service providing company must consider 2 more phases in the content marketing funnel. To know about the other 2 phases please read the content till the end.

Phase 4

Okay now let’s move on to phase 4. Now the customer who has shifted to a new city and started working there will get another mail from the company after a few days; which will also be via mail in the form of text. Let’s take an example of what the content might be.

Topic: Other resources related to the city

Content marketing strategy of a real estate business

This can be a very powerful content. Other resources related to the city refer to where is the airport located, how far is the railway station from your place, where is a nearby park, gym, malls nearby, what and all events that take place, the best places to visit at the weekends etc.

You can notice that from the first phase itself the company has provided with continuous value and kept the customer engaged. By now the customer might have built a good trust in the company and he is no more just a customer now; in fact, he has become a loyal customer because of so much value provided by that company.

Phase 5

Okay, now let’s move on to the last phase of this content marketing strategy. Now the company will send you a 5th content which will also come to you in the form of mail. Let the topic of the content be:

Topic: Refer others and get commission!

Content marketing strategy of a real estate business

Here what the company is trying to do is to get some benefit from you as you might trust the company because the company had provided you with so many values in the form of content.

The company will ask you to refer your friends or family members who would wish to avail of their services or if they are leaving in other cities then there as well our services are available. The company will tell you that if you refer anyone we will provide a percentage of commission.

This will also help the company to understand whether you have really become a loyal customer or not! Now you as a customer might think that you have got so many benefits and values from the company and so you might refer to other people as well so that they will also get benefited.

You need to understand here is that the company XYZrentals is getting another customer from one loyal customer.


Well, that’s the end of the content marketing strategy of the real estate business. I hope you gained a good understanding of how real estate rental business companies implement their content marketing strategy.

There were other companies as well who were competing with this example of XYZrentals Company we have taken. Other companies might have implemented their SEO brilliantly but whether they were able to engage with the customer? No! Because their content marketing strategy was very weak!

This is how successful companies nail in their content marketing strategies. This is how an actual content strategy is made and this the power of content marketing because at the end of the day ” CONTENT IS THE KING“!!

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