google ads tutorial

Google Ads Tutorial

Google ads is nothing but an online advertising tool that helps businesses connect with their customers instantly.  It helps to connect with your customers when it matters. in this google ads tutorial, let’s understand what are google ads, various types of google ad campaigns and also what are the google ad rank factors. Let’s understand google ads with an example: When someone searches on Google for a particular term, say  “International trips “ Google would show a list of searches for you as shown in the image below. As you can see the top results which are mentioned with “Ad” are Google ads.

what are Google Ads

But do you have any idea how google displays your Ad? Well, let’s have a look at it. It is actually based on the auction process. It is the process that happens with each google search.  First of all Google ads will search for all the ads which match with the search query of a user. After that google will show your ads in the search engine results page. But how does Google decide about the position of the ad? Which ad should be ranked higher compared with other ads? Well, there are several google ad rank factors which will decide the position of your ad in the search engine.

Google Ad Rank Factors

1) Bid amount ( The amount you are willing to pay to google to show your ad)

2) Ad formats ( Various ad extensions such as site link, address, phone number etc )

3) Ad relevancy ( How relevant your ad with respect to the searcher’s keyword, language used in your ad, whether your ad is useful to the user or not)

4) Landing page experience ( How well your website loads, navigations used in the site,  after clicking your ad whether it takes the user to the right page or not)

5) Expected CTR (Click Through rate) ( How well your ad or keywords has performed in the past ads)

After calculating all these factors Google ads will provide a rank to your ad which is known as Ad Rank. Google Ad Rank is the combination of the Bid amount, Ad formats and Quality score. The quality score is calculated based on Ad relevancy, Landing page experience, and Expected Click-through Rate.

Types Of Google Ad Campaigns

There are several types of Google Ad campaigns you can create with Google ads

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Search campaign with Display opt-in
  • Video campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Universal App campaign

Let’s understand one by one in a more detailed way

Search Ads

Let’s understand this with an example. When someone searches for a term “ list of 5-star hotels in bangalore” the ads for that keyword will be shown as shown in the figure below. The ones which are marked with Ads are Ads. Check out how to create google search Ads campaign.

types of google ad campaigns

Display Ads

Display ads are also known as banner ads. Whenever you are reading a blog post on a website or browsing any random website have you ever noticed ads which are displayed on that site or when an ad pops up when you are on any particular website? Yes, those are known as display ads. To show these kinds of ads on your website must be partnered with Google. Only  Google partnered websites can show ads on their websites. An example image of a display ad is shown below.

types of google ad campaigns


Video Ads

This type of ad will let the advertiser to run video ads on Youtube and other google display networks. An example of a video ad is shown.

types of google ad campaigns

Shopping Ads

Retailers mainly use these shopping ads. These are the product listings that are shown across google search and shopping results. An example of how shopping ads looks like is shown in the image.

types of google ad campaigns

Universal App Campaign

This campaign is very much helpful for the business that owns a mobile app. This will help in promoting their app to increase the downloads. You can promote the app across search, display, play store, youtube. Google by itself considers the best platform to show the ads according to the performance of the ads.

types of google ad campaigns

To know more in depth detail regarding google ads check out here.


So in this google ads tutorial, I hope now you have understood what are Google Ads, and the types of Google Ad campaigns that are available for you to run according to your business goals. By using google ads you can get better results in a much faster way compared to SEO which takes a huge investment in time and creativity. Google ads will provide you with instant results.

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