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How To Create a Search Campaign In 2020

Well, to begin with Google ads, it is very efficient if you do it right. You can expect instant results by running an effective google ads campaign.  Suppose when people search on google they are looking out for something very specific and wanting google to provide solutions to their problems or search query. Google ads statistics say that around 64% of people click on Google ads when they are searching for any product online. The statistics also reveal that businesses on average make a revenue of 2$ for every 1$ which is spent on google ads. Google ads will help your business to get the immediate results. So in this post, you will learn how to create a search campaign in 2020. If you are a beginner to google ads and don’t have any idea about how to create google ads and create campaign then this post is defiantly for you!

Steps On How To Create Google Ads Account

Before we can learn how to set up google ads campaign we must first understand how to create google ads account. So to create google ads account follow the following steps in step by step:

Step1: Go to Google and search by typing the keyword  Google ads in the search bar and then hit enter. You will see something like this in the image below.

how to create google ads account

Step 2: Now click on the first option in the organic search results ( Please don’t click on the one where it is shown as Ad)


Step 3: Click on Sign In button to get started ( You can also click on start now to begin)

  • how to create google ads account

Step 4 : Sign In with your Gmail account by entering your email id and password. Now you have successfully signed into Google ads.

Now as you have signed into the google ads lets understand how you can create your first Google ads campaign step by step with no step skipped with this google ads tutorial. Read this blog post till the end to get a complete guide on how to create google ads campaign.


Detailed Steps On How To Create a Search Campaign For Beginners

Step 1: In the overview page of your google ads account, click on the campaigns section and then click on the plus button and select a new campaign to begin.

how to create a search campaign

Step 2: Now you will have a window something like this which is shown in the image. Here you have to select the campaign goal. ( This must be selected as per your business goals ). There are options to select like whether you want to generate traffic to your website, get leads, drive sales, whether you want people to consider your products or brand or you want to increase brand awareness and reach or want to promote your Application. You can also have an option to select the campaign without any goal. But its best you have a determined goal before you start creating a campaign.

how to create a search campaign

For now, lets select website traffic as our campaign goal.

Step 3: Now you will have an option to select the campaign type that you want to run. There are different campaign types available for different goals. For the website traffic, there are 4 options. You can run your ad campaign on search, display, video, and shopping.

how to create a search campaign

Step 4 : Enter your business website URL and click on continue

how to create a search campaign

Before moving into step 5 let’s understand the google ads structure or levels in google ads

Level 1 – Campaign level

Level 2 – Ad group level

Level 3 – Ad level

All AdWords campaign have 3 major levels. At the highest level, we create our campaign. Within a campaign we create different ad groups, in order to segregate our keywords according to the category of our products or services.

Each ad group can have multiple ads or ad copies, which is designed to be relevant for the keywords within that ad group.

Step 5: Now select your campaign settings based on your business goals, choose whom you want to reach, define your budget and bidding strategies and also include ad extensions according to your business objectives

Set up ad groups where you get 2 options to select either standard or dynamic and enter keywords according to your target audience.

There are 5 types of keyword match types

1) Broad match

2) Broad match modifier

3) Phrase match

4) Exact match

5) Negative keywords

You can add any number of Ad group on the basis of your product or services

In ad level add your final URL, headline, and descriptions that you want to show along with your ad and then save and continue.

Then click on confirmation and click on continue to campaign. But your ad won’t run and become live until you add money to your google ads account and make the campaign active.

Step 6: Adding money to your google ads account

To add money to your google ads account click on tools and settings and then click on billing settings. Enter your country name, your name, and address. If you are running a first campaign then its best to select the manual payments option and enter the amount manually instead of automated payments and also if you are a beginner then its best to add money from paytm account before there is more risk in other types of payment. After entering the amount your ad will go live and you will start seeing the results according to the business goals you had set up.


Google ads campaign and the algorithm of google ads is changing day by day. So it’s important that you must keep yourself updated with all the changes that are taking place in google ads. Google ads is one platform which will help you get instant and immediate results. Hope this google ads tutorial has helped you to understand how to create google ads account and also how to create google ads search campaign.

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